Gift ideas for the child with special needs

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Ready or not, that time of year has crept up on us all yet again.  The most wonderful time of the year–Christmas.  To my fellow African-American and Jewish friends, I will not forget to acknowledge Kwanzaa and Hanukah as well. December is a celebration-packed month, and along with the celebration and feasting let there also be gift- giving.

And let’s be honest, Costco had their Christmas merchandise on display in September.  Subliminally, they tried to forewarn us that the holiday season was approaching.  But we were too absorbed with work, our children, and hating politicians to take the hint.

And let me be honest, I live for this time of year.  Bigly. Christmas time is the only distraction that helps me persevere through the loom and doom of winter settling in.  Forget PSL’s, bring on the eggnog and boozy hot chocolate.   The pine scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree, houses decorated with lights, and nostalgic tunes define the holiday season.  Over indulging, awful holiday work parties, crowded stores (hello Amazon Prime), and family (both the pleasant and avoidable) is what makes the holidays so joyous .  January, February, and March are the boring, frigid, resentful hangover of December.

A few weeks ago I started stockpiling a few gifts for my children, and I noted that I had barely bought anything for my son.  He is much more difficult to buy for than his sister.   For a child on the autism spectrum, he has always struggled with playing with toys appropriately.  Although he has made a ton of progress over the last few years, he still tends to gravitate towards a handful of preferred activities.  As many children with ASD, he also becomes overly obsessed with an item or activity.


  • Balls
  • Throwing balls. Actually, throwing anything.  He is an equal opportunist.
  • Anything with electronics that allows him to continuously push the button over and over again. Like 42 times in a row.
  • Playdoh
  • He is a visual seeker, so anything with lights. Flashlight, Scout (the stuffed-animal), light-up phone. Anything. With. Lights.  The possibilities are truly endless.

I needed new ideas outside of the box, so I compiled a list of great resources to help all of you looking for gifts for your not so Hatchimal-wanting, typical child.

Do you have a favorite gift idea that has proven to be a success with a loved one?

May the holiday season bring you yuletide cheer and togetherness 🙂

2 Comments on “Gift ideas for the child with special needs”

  1. Beth Bishop

    Totally agree with your genius tips.And the images are so colourful.
    anyway, thank you for your hard work! I have a son and a daughter.Hope it will be working for my sweet daughter.Thanks again!!

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